Monday, August 3, 2009

Can It Be August?

Hello Friends -

It seems like forever since I've posted - in reality about two weeks :) But time is flying by and the summer is on its downward slide. School supplies abound in all the stores, clothing sales for students are running rampant and parents are trying to get organized for the big "first" day!

Or else gardens are finally producing which means canning and freezing for a lot of us. In such a busy rush, I know that many of you may have had to lay aside your quilting for a time - at least until things slow down outside. But let me encourage you to stop and smell the roses and to make time for a bit of hand piecing, embroidery, or maybe just pick up a magazine and dream about your next project. I'm so looking forward to traveling the primitive road together so stay in touch and the next post will have pictures - I promise!


  1. Glad that you posted, and I can't wait to see the pics that you put up in the next post. Hope you enjoyed the canning...sounds like fun!

  2. Summer will soon slip into autumn (my favourite season). Making time for a little sewing is certainly good for the soul. Ann :)


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