Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wool Time!


Although here in Ohio the weather is hot and humid, I need to start thinking about wool! Each year my sister and I pick out a gift we want made by the other for Christmas. This year I am making a wool table runner - as shown above. This is my first attempt at using "true" wool for a project so I could use any hints that you might have to offer. I am excited about starting it - thank goodness for air conditioning!

On the home front I actually have a week to do some sewing! I made my "to do" list yesterday - after defrosting the freezer - and hope to dig in today. I need to make a baby gift - I'll feature that next time; finish cutting out a quilt for my sister - she is a seamstress and gets stressed with rotary cutting so I do the cutting and she puts the quilt together. In return, I received a nice dress - tailor made!

So drop me a line and let me know what you all are working on - be it winter or summer, there's no place like home! Happy Stitching :)


  1. Nice pick! I'll be interested to learn what you make of working with wool. There are so many wonderful colours, patterns and textures. I'm still quilting a scrap quilt and want to move along with a baby quilt I have started. How would you like to defrost my freezer? *chuckle* Ann :)

  2. I love using wool, there are so many wonderful colours now in wool.
    Looks like a fun project!

  3. Pretty table runner! Sounds like you and your Sis have a good exchange going on :-)
    Looking forward to seeing your latest stitching!


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