Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby, Baby

Hi Friends -

Thank you for all your kind comments - I enjoy hearing from each of you! I know that a baby grocery cart cover is NOT rustic, but I promised photos so here they are :)

It was fun to make but the directions well, let's just say they were "vague!" Have any of you experienced that while sewing or embroidering? I do hope little Elianna will enjoy having a comfy ride.

I'm still working away at my "to do" pile - I have two and a half quilts cut out for my sister and hope to finish that today. I also have some labels to sew on a few charity quilts so after the weekend I should be caught up! Doesn't it seem like the days are shorter than they used to be? Or maybe it's just that I have too many projects :)

Have a great weekend no matter what continent you live on!


  1. Despite your troubles with the pattern (aren't the instructions woeful sometimes?) it looks terrific! I think Elianna will enjoy her shopping trips a whole lot more. Cute piggy too! I'd like a week to spend just on sewing projects. Ann :)

  2. What cute projects and she will love it! You did a great job!


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