Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This & That

Hi Everyone -

Lots of different things have been keeping me busy lately - a dear friend's daughter graduated and I helped with the party - loads of fun! And then my nephew John graduated and we traveled to Indiana for his party - again, lots of fun and hard to believe two little tots are now on their way to college! Best wishes to them both!

We have been dealing with a gardening headache - maybe I should say nightmare - beside and behind our garage for a few years now. The former owners had beautiful gardens with pathways etc. there but for me - with allergies - I just couldn't keep it up. SO this year we had a landscaper come in and scrape and grade the land and then seed it to grass, as well as leave me space for the veggie garden and raspberry bushes. Here are some before photos:

and after - big difference huh?? I am so thankful we are done with it!!!

I purchased a hosta this year called Abba Dabba Do - it is reported to grow to 5' in diameter! Can't wait to see how it does.

Well that was "this" and now I'll tackle "that!" We are replacing three windows this summer in our house - we kid the Home Depot people that we are on the three year plan for replacing all our windows - they are so expensive! But one will be in my sewing room so that means anything I wanted to do in there should be done before the window gets replaced (by the way, my wonderful husband does the work himself, and I am the grunt worker/helper). So my job now is to remove the wall paper border (yes, I am a Cleveland Indians fan - just not in the sewing room!) and then sand the walls. The previous owners did some kind of funky drywall plaster texture something or other - all that to say it needs to be sanded so I can paint it and have it look nice. Here are the before pics and I'll keep you posted on the after ones!

And a messy closet soon to be filled with shelves for fabric storage - yea!!!!

So between those two projects, I haven't done much sewing and now with the sewing room packed up - well, it will have to been handwork for quite awhile - which I enjoy so that is no problem.

I hope that all of you are having a good summer or winter - depending upon your address :) Take care and I'll try to post again soon! Happy Stitching!