Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishin' Stuff

Hi Everyone!

I was thinking that I haven't posted anything too rustic-y in awhile, so I decided to give you a "tour" of my living room. My husband and I found a chair & 1/2 (we are both tall people!) with a fishing motif that we fell in love so that was our first purchase about 7 years ago. Then we found a framed picture we also liked which has the Scripture verse - "Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men" - I tried to take a picture of the picture and well - it just didn't come out! So here is the chair -
Between those two things, we were off and running! We love to go to flea markets and pick through other peoples "junk" so bit by bit we've been adding to the room. We have four bookcases (but no fishing books!) so I found fish netting and decided to drape that over them. We add "stuff" as we find it - my favorite buy was the ceramic fish with scales! You all will have to be patient with me as I continue to learn about posting pictures!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Charity Quilts

Hi Friends -

The only sewing I've done this week is on charity quilts! I thought I'd post the flyer for our group so you could read it:


What is His Hands Quilt Group? It is a group of ladies from different area churches who sew quilts for the Harvest Home Rehabilitation Program graduates (The Harvest Home is part of the Haven of Rest Ministries in Akron, Ohio). Each woman who completes the Rehabilitation Program will be able to choose a quilt as a reminder of God’s love for her as she begins her new life.

His Hands Quilt Group is in need of the following donations:

-100% cotton fabric or 100% flannel fabric
-cotton batting
-backing fabric (large pieces or yardage of fabric

Each of us works on a quilt(s) at home and then once a month we meet to help each other finish up whatever needs to be done - tying, labels, etc. We bring a sack lunch and take turns bringing a dessert. One criteria though - it has to be a ooey gooey and of course, no calories :) It is very rewarding and I'd be happy to share more with anyone who is interested!
Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Little Wool Shoppe

The Little Wool Shoppe

Greetings Friends -

I want to introduce you to a wonderful place to shop for wool, patterns, etc. - it is called The Little Wool Shoppe. Earlier this year I was in search of a certain Moda wool for a Christmas table runner I featured in a previous post, and had run out of ideas of where to look. Then to my delight, my friend from Australia suggested that I try The Little Wool Shoppe. So I e-mailed the shop inquiring about the certain piece of wool I needed. Much to my surprise and delight, I receieved a response from the owner herself! She didn't stock the piece I needed but was SO helpful in giving me websites to track down the "order number" so she could identify what I wanted. Within a few days, she had responded to my e-mail, directed me where to find pertinent information and ordered what I needed! Now that, my friends, is what I call old fashioned customer service!

I'm delighted to share this wonderful shoppe with you - take time to visit her site - she also has a pattern company - Starry Pines Pattern Company - both can be reached by visiting She and her store are featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine so when you visit the site, make sure you read the article!

I'm headed to do outside work this weekend - putting down mulch and dead heading. I'm looking forward to fall but I know that some of you are in an opposite season and are looking forward to spring! No matter where you live, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby, Baby

Hi Friends -

Thank you for all your kind comments - I enjoy hearing from each of you! I know that a baby grocery cart cover is NOT rustic, but I promised photos so here they are :)

It was fun to make but the directions well, let's just say they were "vague!" Have any of you experienced that while sewing or embroidering? I do hope little Elianna will enjoy having a comfy ride.

I'm still working away at my "to do" pile - I have two and a half quilts cut out for my sister and hope to finish that today. I also have some labels to sew on a few charity quilts so after the weekend I should be caught up! Doesn't it seem like the days are shorter than they used to be? Or maybe it's just that I have too many projects :)

Have a great weekend no matter what continent you live on!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wool Time!


Although here in Ohio the weather is hot and humid, I need to start thinking about wool! Each year my sister and I pick out a gift we want made by the other for Christmas. This year I am making a wool table runner - as shown above. This is my first attempt at using "true" wool for a project so I could use any hints that you might have to offer. I am excited about starting it - thank goodness for air conditioning!

On the home front I actually have a week to do some sewing! I made my "to do" list yesterday - after defrosting the freezer - and hope to dig in today. I need to make a baby gift - I'll feature that next time; finish cutting out a quilt for my sister - she is a seamstress and gets stressed with rotary cutting so I do the cutting and she puts the quilt together. In return, I received a nice dress - tailor made!

So drop me a line and let me know what you all are working on - be it winter or summer, there's no place like home! Happy Stitching :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Can It Be August?

Hello Friends -

It seems like forever since I've posted - in reality about two weeks :) But time is flying by and the summer is on its downward slide. School supplies abound in all the stores, clothing sales for students are running rampant and parents are trying to get organized for the big "first" day!

Or else gardens are finally producing which means canning and freezing for a lot of us. In such a busy rush, I know that many of you may have had to lay aside your quilting for a time - at least until things slow down outside. But let me encourage you to stop and smell the roses and to make time for a bit of hand piecing, embroidery, or maybe just pick up a magazine and dream about your next project. I'm so looking forward to traveling the primitive road together so stay in touch and the next post will have pictures - I promise!