Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time To Start Christmas Projects

Hi Everyone!

WOW! How the time does fly! Here it is September and I'm already behind on Christmas projects. Here are two items that I'm working on for my oldest sister. Each year we go on a shopping trip in July to Amish country and pick out what we want the other one to make. It is great fun and of course lunch out is included :)

This is a pattern sold at the Country Craft Cupboard and is by Backyard Friends. Click on Country Craft Cupboard above to see their wonderful selection of patterns

This is from a well-known series by Prairie Schooler - this is Santa 1991. I've done three other ones for her and she wants to make them into a pillow. To see all the other great patterns they have just click on Prairie Schooler above for the link.

I'll be "checked out" of Blogland for at least next week and maybe two - my FIL is having open heart and valve replacement surgery. He had open heart surgery 19 yrs but as we all know nothing stays the same. I'll be staying with my MIL while he is in the hospital - we get along so well and enjoy each other's company - I only hope I can be of some help!

You all take care and keep on stitching!