Monday, June 13, 2011

Back But Not In Action!

Hello Everyone!

I am home! But not necessarily in action - we arrived home late Saturday night - guess it was actually Sunday morning. Had car troubles but thankfully nothing that can't be fixed! My time in Korea was wonderful - too much to share here now. This week will be unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I'm so anxious to read all your blogs - I tried to keep up a bit while gone but time got away from me. What I've read so far, WOW! you all have been busy!

Do drop me a line when you have time - it will probably be awhile until I get to sewing but I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you are up to!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Welcome back! But slow down on the cleanup. It's not going anywhere and neither are you, now, LOL. We will still be here!


  2. Welcome home!! You were missed!
    Can't wait to hear about your Korean adventures.

  3. I hope you have gotten back into sewing since your arrival home. You must have had a wonderful time on your Korean adventures. A wonderful chance to see another part of the world.

  4. It's great to have you back - we missed you! I can't imagine what is was like in Korea. So different to what you are used to. Ann :-)


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