Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello Friends!

I hope this finds all of you well! Below is Lynette Anderson's Summer stitchery - she has one for each season. I haven't done embroidery is a very long time and am enjoying it. Hopefully I'll have Summer done for next summer :)

My Wool Crazy Spring has been patiently waiting for me - so I've added some more appliques.

There is lots of decorative stitching still to be done but I'm enjoying the relaxing time of handwork. In our society today everything is hurry, hurry, hurry so why not pick up a hand project and enjoy the relaxing pace.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Very nice! You have been busy!
    Hugs2u :)

  2. I love what you are working on. I agree, it is so nice to have some handiwork to sit in the evening and just putter away at. In my case, it is crochet. I may have to revisit embroidery though. You have jogged my memory about that!

  3. That is a cute stitchery and I love your wool crazy! You are right... time to slow down and enjoy things :o)

  4. I love your wool crazy is awesome!

  5. Both projects are fantastic Kelli! You are quite right, it's good to have some handwork on the go. You have inspired me to start a paper piecing project and rustle up some stitcheries I've had on the back burner. Cheers, Ann :-)

  6. Your Summer block is starting to look very lovely. Thanks for showing it.


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