Sunday, July 11, 2010

Especially for Me!

Hi Everyone!

Well, the windows are in! Yea!!!!! We are so thankful that it didn't rain last week - the temps were our hottest yet - in the 90's! We were extremely tired by Thursday night but the siding was back up and all the outside work was done - and no rain!!! Now we will begin the inside work as well as work on the sewing room. One thing at a time :)

Now I must brag about my niece Abbey - she lives in New South Wales, Australia and came home with her boyfriend to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday! She had a delighful little gift bag for me and guess what was in it?

Yes, a sewing organizer! Do you recognize Rosie the Riveter? Abbey is getting into sewing and embroidery and did this especially for me - isn't it lovely??? I was so surprised and so thrilled - I'll have it forever and her kindness is so appreciated - thank you Abbey and keep up the good work!

No sewing in the near future for me but I plan to post weekly of handwork - do drop by again and tell me what you are working on this summer/winter. Happy Stitching no matter what continent you live on!


  1. Well done Abbey! What a thoughtful gift. Glad to read that your windows are in despite the heat. I'm still working on my basket blocks. Pictures soon. Ann :-)

  2. Very cute! She did a great job!


  3. It is just beautiful and will be much appreciated!


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