Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Surprises!

Hello Friends -

I have to share with you the wonderful birthday package I received from my dear friend Ann in Australia! And one from my college roommate Joy as well! As you see below, Ann made me a sewing machine cover in the Log Cabin pattern accented with buttons.

She also included a recipe booklet, candy(yum!), a pincushion kit, a wool ornament pattern, a wondeful quilt "green" book and a delightfully funny calorie wand - takes away all calories in anything if I wave it over it :)

Such thoughtful and generous gifts from a dear friend so far away - far in distance,but so close in heart.

And I received another wonderful surprise package from my college roommate Joy- this wonderful table runner (perfectly quilted) along with two patterns for small quilts!

Whose toes are those sticking out in the picture? Ike's? How did he do that???

As you can see, I'm greatly blessed with such wondeful friends! I'm excited that I am meeting new ones as this blog gets off the ground! Thanks to all who read and comment - I always look forward to hearing from any and all!

Take care and now I'm going back to my wool table runner - hopefully I'll have pictures of the finished "product" very soon! After that comes a raggedy quilt for my niece. Stay tuned :)


  1. Well Happy Birthday!!!
    What LOVELY gifts, good for you!!!
    Uumm can you share that calorie wand? ;-)
    Birthday hugs2u!

  2. Fabulous gifts for the birthday girl! How is the Scraps and Shirttails book? Wave that wand my way, too, lol ~ right away!

  3. Happy Birthday and what wonderful gifts you received. I love the sewing machine cover.
    Can't wait to see the wool table runner!

  4. WOW! Does this mean I am "published"? You might make me famous.

    I love the sewing machine cover!

  5. You are most welcome Kelli. I had so much fun making this for you and choosing a selection of goodies. The table runner from your friend Joy is fabulous. She has done such a job and I like the fabrics. You are most deserving and a wonderful long distance friend. Ann :)

  6. Hi Kelli just found your blog love your work....oh and Happy (belated) birthday


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