Friday, October 8, 2010

Snow Men and Reflections

Hi Everyone!

Well, my FIL had a bit of a set back - his surgery was postponed until Monday Oct 11 - that is why I am posting! I would normally been off the web for a few weeks but wanted to say "hi" to all.

I'm working on a wall hanging that I found at Kalico Kreations. (Click on the second link to see it - I tried to copy a picture here but no go) Kathy has so many fun wall hanging designs - do take time to check out the website. She has a wonderful feature called e-patterns. This is the first site I've seen these on and you can instantly download your pattern once you've purchased it. Very convenient but you all have to watch out the feature could be a problem for quilt-a-holics :)

Take time to stop and smell the roses - life is short! Have you thought about dropping a note to someone who means a lot to you but you never get around to saying that? Or a phone call to an old friend or mentor that helped you along the way in life? Just some food for thought. Happy Stitching!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that your FIL has had his surgery postponed. I hope all will be well soon. The pattern is terrific - I do like snowmen and it's a great website. Ann :-)

  2. I will do that right now. I didnt manage to see a freind of mine before we moved house and I'd like him to know that he was a great freind to me. Thankyou xx


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