Wednesday, April 28, 2010

His Hands at Work

Hi Everyone -

Yesterday was His Hands and with 6 of us we really accomplished a lot! Hang onto your hat because I have oodles of pictures - I was feeling "snap happy" yesterday. I've posted some of the quilts that are finished as well as the industrious women at work. They certainly earned the delightful German Chocolate Cake provided by Becky!

We are blessed to have work for our hands - it is always a joyful time together - encouraging one another and getting caught up from month to month. Thanks for viewing our work and happy sewing!


  1. Fabulous quilts! You girls do such good work and definitely earned your German chocolate cake. Ann :-)

  2. Kelli - there are pictures of everyone but you. We'll have to fix that next time! Pam

  3. What great fun working with friends and doing something you like!

  4. Kelli you are such a good cheerleader......thanks for your upbeat comments on my "wool crazy" :0)
    Love what you ladies accomplished......and you look like you were having fun too.

    Happy Sewing


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